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We are a premier custom painting company specializing in custom motorcycle painting. Our shop is located in Greer which is in the foothills of South Carolina sandwiched between Greenville and Spartanburg. HotRodGrafixxx does any type of paint customization available. We can create or recreate any graphic imaginable to suit your needs for any custom project that you may have. Our team of custom painters and artists offer a multitude of services which include:pinstriping such as old school VonDutch style, flames, murals, flags, marbleizing, ghosting, 3d drop shadows, and wild graphics. All of our finished projects are buried under the multiple clear coats that we apply to give it the glass, "can't feel the graphic" finish. Our expertise is not only in custom painting motorcycles. We also custom paint cars, trucks, go-karts, gas pumps and helmets. We also do custom lettering, Harley Davidson decals, spray masks, signs, glass etching, and much Custom Sportbike Painting & more. Contact us today!

The Hot Rod Grafixxx race car

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